Dr. Einstein has an epiphany.

In 2009, Dr. Alan Einstein had a brilliant idea. He felt healthcare had become too much of a numbers game with providers stretched too thin to give their patients the time and attention they deserve. So he decided to see fewer patients on a retainer basis and provide them with personalized care that included longer and more frequent visits, preventative care, comprehensive health risk assessments, customized treatment plans and more.

After Dr. Einstein saw the difference this approach made in the health and well-being of his patients, he formed Einstein Genius Care.

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"I had a brilliant idea, we should focus healthcare more on the patients and give them the personal time, service, and attention they deserve."
- Dr. Alan Einstein

The results are in - concierge care works.

Dr. Einstein is one of a growing number of physicians nationwide who are providing patients with what’s called “Concierge Medicine.” Patients enrolled in these programs report greater satisfaction with the care they receive and have reduced hospitalizations, fewer urgent care and ER visits, better control of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and experience an overall improvement in wellness.

Achieving excellence in patient care.

Einstein Genius Care is a concierge program that provides exclusive benefits for members for a fixed monthly fee. These benefits go far beyond the traditional physician-provided services and are the key that unlocks the door to all the health and wellness services you want and need from a single provider.

The benefits of belonging.

By concentrating on a select group of patients, Dr. Einstein and his team of Genius Caregivers are able provide an extensive – and growing – list of benefits.

Studies show concierge care patients are hospitalized less often, have fewer urgent care and E.R. visits, are healthier overall and more satisfied with the care they receive.